Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Least Thankful For

Everyone always does these Hallmark movie of the week things about what they are thankful for, but let's be realistic this isn't Mayberry & there's a lot of bad shit in this world. I'm least thankful for; Kevin Murray's parents not using birth control & smoking all the crack, the Bears having the shittiest head coach in the world, having a piece of human waste like Jay Cutler on my favorite team, the WWE & all it has done to kill a sport I love, having terrible health, not being where I had hoped to be at age 33, for having to deal with assholes who have the behavior level of 5 year olds with chips on their shoulders feeling the need to piss on things I like & being poor.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Leadership Is The Only Problem!

I'm not shy about saying I was against the Jay Cutler trade all along. All this bullshit that’s he's great & blah blah blah based on one season is really lame. Really besides the 2008 season what does he has have? He's not a game manager. He is not a winning QB. Orton may not throw the ball as far but he has heart & is a leader. This whiny little bitch doesn't have the poise or maturity to be a leader for any team let alone the Bears. For 90 years, the Bears have been the class of professional football as one of its founding teams. For better or for worse I have NOT been a fan of football's 'fucking assholes' like the TOs & those problem people (regardless of their talent) & having a piece of shit attitude problem on my lifelong favorite team doesn't make me happy.

Cutler could be good but he has YET to prove it. He lives on these media headlines & thinks he's king shit! He pouts on the sidelines like he's 5 years old. Then he has the nerve to yell publicly at Greg Olsen! Who the fuck do you think you are Dick Cutler? Olsen busts his ass to best catch your usually terribly overthrown passes! Almost 85% of the time THEY ARE OVERTHROWN! There is NOTHING wrong with the WRs and anyone who believes that DOESN'T WATCH THE GAMES! They listen to horseshit the media says (while they are taking turns typing & jerking off to Jay Cutler) & watch 2 second clips from Bears games rather than the full 3 hours!

The fact is he is a starting QB in the NFL makes it HIS RESPONSIBILITY to be a LEADER not the team drama queen, the whiny bitch & the finger pointer. The job he has done in that role fucking sucks! He is a disgrace as a leader, blames everyone else, has the behavior of a 5 year old & pisses on the franchise that George S. Halas put every cent he had into in helping the development of professional football.

The only way this changes is starting with the termination of the worst head coach in Bears history (also on the basis of lack of leadership stance) Lovie 'Do Nothing' Smith! The ONLY reason Smith got as far as he did in 2005 & 2006 because he was being carried on the back of Ron Rivera's defense. He had the worst QB of all time in Rex Grossman & much like now a refusal to change bad continuous FAILED things. When you're a coach & things don't work; IT'S YOU'RE FUCKING JOB TO CHANGE THEM! NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED SINCE 2007!

It's a God Damn Disgrace that Smith still has a job! He continually runs a horrible defense using the same failed 4-3 cover 2 bullshit method that teams know so well they joke about it on Twitter before the game! I mean come on! No coach more deserves to be terminated than this asshole! On top of that you have NO DISCIPLINE! Where's the accountability for Cutler ripping on his teammates & his immature public behavior? NO WHERE! Lovie doesn't do anything! Where was the accountability on Tommie Harris & his deplorable actions on the Cardinals with the ejection? NO WHERE!

As a leader, Lovie Smith FUCKING SUCKS! I would sooner trust a crack head that is currently using as a sponsor in drug rehab over Smith as a leader! He is the biggest disgrace to the Halas family ever & doesn't deserve the honor to wear the Bears colors or be anywhere in the NFL. The fact that he has a job shows what a piece of crap GM Jerry Angelo is! The only true way for success is good leadership not leadershit! Cutler will get better when he gets a head coach that rips him a new asshole for acting like an immature asshole! That means Lovie Smith MUST BE FIRED! And a whole NEW coaching staff must come in NOW!

Also Jerry Angelo has done a completely incompetent job as the GM & needs to be replaced with someone who will pull the trigger, not make crappy signings & care for this franchise's future; NOT BURY IT! Angelo has done none of the above is more useless in his role than Dan Quayle was as Vice President!

It isn't the players because the Bears have won divisions with far less talent. Right now it’s all about the lack of leadership or leadershit as it can best be called in Chicago right now. It starts with Lovie Smith & runs through to as a terrible player leader Jay Cutler who also has no accountability for his actions. Then it goes upstairs to senile fossil that couldn't run a fucking convenience store let alone be a GM for a professional football team! The time is now!